How to treat erectile dysfunction correctly?

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How to treat erectile dysfunction correctly?According to statistics, more than a half of men faced with the problems of impotence at the age of 50-60. It has a great affect to health and psychological state. But nowadays the medicine is very developed, so the problem can be solved by advanced methods to treat erectile dysfunction.

What is the erectile dysfunction?

To say about it in a couple words, we must notice, that it is an inability to control the erection during the sexual actions. A lot of men suffer from it and they admit a lower desire of sex, short and weaken erections and hard orgasms. Also the impotence isn’t considered like a disease, because it has an interesting medical state. It mustn`t be ignored, because that is the signal of other problems appear. That can be illness, bad habits and psychological discomfort.

Reason and symptoms

What are the main ways of impotence identifying? There are a lot of situations, in which an experienced person can`t keep an erection for a long time and he has difficulties, connecting with ejaculations. Also he can become indifferent to sexual relations with the stable partner.

Erectile dysfunction is the cause of physical or psychological factor, which can include:

  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Bad habits, as drugs and alcohol.
  • Overweight and low physical activity.
  • Problems in relationships with the partner.
  • Low libido.
  • Propiasm (curved penis).

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There are a lot of factors, which can influence to a sex drive and the ability to get an erection. If it happens regularly, health condition is not on the best level and you must change it as soon as possible. But if man gets a stiff in the morning and in the period of masturbation or porn watching, some psychological factors are involved here.

The ways of treatments for erectile dysfunction

Today lots of treatments are available:

  • The drastic measure of surgery. How can it help? Doctor use an implant of penile prostheses, that can help to improve the blood flow and to male member, which can help to solve such a problem.
  • Penis pump is another way of treatment. It creates a vacuum and boosts flow of the blood to penile vessels. That can help to reach long and faster erections. The device will work in many cases, but scientists say, that it is not too safe.
  • Hormonal therapy allows to correct the level of testosterone, bromocriptine and cabergoline. It provides more potency and sexual desire. In lots of cases such a treatment is the best, because it helps to sustain a male health.
  • Natural remedies, as ginseng, yohimbe bark, horny goat and other essences from plants will help to increase the libido, get a sexual desire and strong erections. Orthodox medicine doesn’t include this into treatment, but a big amount of men wanted to get such a remedy.


That medication triggers the flow of the blood to penis. Also it provides a 4 hours of stable erection. It effects in 30 minutes, so this pill must be used before the sexual activity. That is the most popular medication for ED. A lot of men buy Viagra in Singapore, the USA, Europe and in Asian countries. Viagra can be described as an effective solution for the impotence problem, that can be taken into account in many cases. But, despite all the advantages, there are also a big amount of contra indications for pills:

  • It is hard to control high or low pressure of blood.
  • 6 months after the operation.
  • Deformed shape of the penis.
  • Problems, connected with stomach, liver and kidney.
  • Intake of medications (HIV inhibitors, ketoconazole, alpha-blockers and sildenafil).
  • Problems with heart, such as failure and attacks.

You shouldn’t take Viagra, if you didn’t have any problems with the continuous erection and the sudden loss of hearing and vision.

Kamagra Oral Jelly

It is the best alternative to Viagra. Kamagra has a very interesting formula, which contains Citrate of Sildenafil, that boosts the flow of the blood to penis and contribute long and strong erections. The product has the form of small gel sachets with different flavors, such as pineapple, cherry, strawberry, caramel and others). You must take it in oral way for about 30-40 minutes before the sexual intercourse will take place. The active components have a cGMP enzymes, which can control the flowing of blood to penis. The effect of such sachets will last for 4-6 hours (everything depends on the organism).

It is your decision, what the pills will be the best to choose. This method is really suitable, because there is no need to have a healthy lifestyle and warm relationships with the partner.

The Best ED Drugs That Work in 2017

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The Best ED Drugs That WorkToday, men have a tendency to have problems with Impotence more intensively with an increase of than 25 million sufferers in america alone. A lot of men believe: “The old I obtain, the bigger the potential risks to be struggling to get a great erection”.

The truth is: although Erectile dysfunction isn’t straight linked with ageing, the problem worsens after 40 due to considerable life issues which include smoking, alcoholic beverages, bad food, unwanted weight, low testosterone and cardiovascular disease, all of these start to prevail as of this age.

Impotence problems

Impotence problemsErectile Dysfunction is usually both a medical and even more man-friendly term for Erection problems that may frequently appear to be a jail sentence.

Cut as ED, it really is thought as a sex disorder that prevents a guy from attaining an erection whilst becoming intimately aroused and additional support it all about an essential level in order to successfully complete sexual activity.


In case you are having a protracted issue with attaining a bigger, you ought not become embarrassed to go to your doctor and discover what is the main of the issue.

Going through this kind of a situation only can only just worsen sexual failure and mental sufferings. Additionally it is OK to talk about the problem together with your wife.

During your check out, your doctor will certainly inquire you some queries and operate a couple of checks to determine experience suffering from the situation.

You will then get a prescription for just one of the authorized medicines utilized to take care of Erection dysfunction.


Do not maintain a rush to go to the pharmacy. Let us discuss ED drugs at length.

According to All of us medical data in 2014-2015, four out of 5 ED instances will be treated with oral medications, such as Viagra, Levitra or cialis.

Beneath, there are several important things you have to know on the subject of dental ED medicines to be sure you don’t get confused and these medicines provide you with the perfect results.

1. ED Drugs USUALLY DO NOT Cure But Treat with the Problem

ED Drugs USUALLY DO NOT Cure But Treat with the ProblemThe primary problem with ERECTION DYSFUNCTION medicines is the fact they offer short term results.

You take 1 Viagra, Levitra or Cialis tablet for every time you want to have sex, typically one hour prior to the planned event.

Then you definitely wait before drug’s active component dissolves inside the bloodstream therefore the erection may be accomplished.

ED medication main elements:

Viagra — sildenafil citrate

Levitra — vardenafil hydrochloride

Cialis — tadalafil.

The most typical reason behind so why men cannot achieve a solid erection is usually ailing arterial blood vessels (small stations in your body by which blood flows).

Oral ED Medicines function by extending arteries inside the penis so that it easier floods with bloodstream.

Following the medicine stops the action (Viagra, Levitra following 5 hours, Cialis following 36 several hours! ), arteries narrow down once again so  attaining  a repeated erection without medication is impossible.

ED Medications usually do not remedy Impotence, yet just call and make an erection easy for a certain timeframe.

No real cause is resolved, just short-term treatment of the results stemming coming from an harmful lifestyle.

2. Too Many Ifs

Some people think that anyone can take ED medications whenever they want for best results, however they are deeply mistaken.

Some individuals even regard Viagra as an excellent libido booster, that is not the reality.

Dental ED medicines are just for guys and really should be studied only because prescribed without exceptions.

You are unable to take Viagra or any additional ED tablet if:

You are unable to take Viagra or any additional ED tablet ifThere is no need a health professional prescribed from your own doctor. Only your physician may concern a prescription for oral impotence meds. In the event that your wellbeing trouble outweighs the huge benefits that you will get by taking ED Drugs, you received’t get an Rx.

You have particular heart, kidney or liver problems, or allergic reactions for some parts of ED drugs.

In case you are taking prescription medications containing nitrates that are not suitable for Viagra, Levitra and cialis.

In case you have used one supplement significantly less than twenty four hours before.

For those who have eaten oily foods or perhaps consumed alcoholic beverages before sexual activity (which are actually normal actions on a date).

3. Chemicals Accumulated  in your body

Manufactures of ED supplements declare that the active elements within Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra are eliminated from your body within 24 hours following the last intake.

However , minimal the medication accumulates within the tissues of your body.

Imagine what may happen if you are using Viagra for years.

Chemicals kept in your body may result in extremely disastrous consequences.

In a world filled with GMOs, insect sprays, plastic meals, nobody would like to take the opportunity of leading to extra injury to their wellness from pharmaceutic ED Prescription drugs.

4. CAN NOT WORK for All

Throughout the recognized medical trials, it had been discovered that Viagra improved erections for 78% of individuals, Levitra and Cialis offered satisfactory effects for 85% of individuals.

This shows that there surely is a 15-22% opportunity that the medicine won’t do the job at all.

Varying ED tablets in one to a different won’t support either since most of these medications participate in a similar band of medicines and also have similar concepts of actions.

Simply no doctor can provide you a 100% assurance that Viagra or an identical drug can make any big difference for your Impotence problems issue.

5. Too Expensive

ED medications are not covered by any type of insurance.

You need to carry all of the expenditures by yourself as well as the expenditures happen to be notable.

Do not be surprised in case you are confronted with pursuing costs connected with ED Medication prescriptions:

Doctor’s go to, exam and a prescription intended for 24 months — up to three hundred.

Single Viagra pill for just one sexual activity — $14.67

1 month way to obtain Cialis 20mg — $792.06.


Brand ED Medicines are a large pharmaceutical companies (big pharma) cheat. These types of corporations usually do not treatment regarding your wellbeing and sexual wellness. They just want to create money. For instance, Viagra total annual revenues remain one billion dollars USD.

In case you choose company ED prescription drugs you spend large numbers and frequently get absolutely nothing back.

What exactly to accomplish?

1st, you should comprehend what can cause the problem and that the complexities are completely individual to each individual.

Frequently, just changing one’s way of life will do to once more accomplish sufficient erections.

Why Your Penis Wants You to Break a Sweat


During prolonged exercise man is sweating, his weight is plummeted, but the muscle increases in volume. But your penis sweats too and loses weight, did not know about it? Scientists from the Medical Journal said that any physical activity have a metabolic effect on all parts of the body. MET – is a measure of activity, and it shows how much your body can withstand the power load. If you exercise for 1 hour, the MET will show 9.9.

Some men can lose up to 17 feet for half months. Of course, in such cases it is necessary to visit the doctor, consult a nutritionist. Men, who engaged in the iron rod, unwittingly may pump up the penis. It has long been known to all. The organism produces nitric oxide, which helps to restore erection. If you’re lazy, blood flow and the arrival of a new batch will be reduced over time. It’s bad for your health in general.

Exercise complex

If you are trying thus to strengthen the sexual muscle, do not overdo it. Due to the heavy loads penis can “limp”, it will not always be ready for action.

The complex of physical exercises to improve erections has been the most successful for the men who have the following symptoms:

  1. Lack of interest to sex and the reasons for this phenomenon no one could find;
  2. Lack of morning and spontaneous erections;
  3. Lethargy of the penis during sexual intercourse;
  4. Weak erection during intercourse which does not allow the introduction of the penis into the vagina.

In order to improve it not for one day, do not hurry to run to the drugstore and buy all the expensive drugs. Exercises for improving potency have no side effects and, as practice shows, are much more effective. To see the result it is need to make the system of it! Often the effect is seen in one month after the start of the regular exercise. If you will be assertive, you will achieve the desired level of erection. Result after exercise lasts longer than after medical treatment.

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